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Fiber Art

One of the most satisfying and joyful reminders of our connection to the earth, is found in the appreciation of Fiber Art.  

This is particularly so when the art is created by indigenous craftspeople and cultural artisans throughout the African Diaspora, and beyond.


In the design of textured fabric art, the intricate weaving of colored threads and patterns are often relative to the artist's expression of a richly cultured life.  


Upon close examination of the artwork depicted... within the choice of natural dye colors and materials, the meticulous weaving of fibrous threads— a human story is told.  
We, at Third Ward Zen, hope the Fiber Art photos will move and inspire your spirit as it does ours and that you will support, and gather the work of cultural artisans in your home and work surroundings as well.  

The finished piece above is my first attempt at the Saori weaving technique.

My in-progress Saori weaving project on the loom. Introduction class taken at Ready to Hand: Saori Philadelphia; Leslie Sudock, Weaver Owner Instructor.

This beautiful Batik fabric is actually a full length wrap-around skirt.

This vivid purple African Batik is a favorite piece that doubles as a table cloth and furniture cover adding hints of golden warmth and lively color to a room.

African inspired Mudcloth covered chair is extremely comfy. It is adorned by a soft, very colorful pillow covered with a mosaic of West African Adinkra symbols.

A woven wall hanging depicting the exquisite crafts-man (or-woman)- ship of Africa.

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