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#2 Table & Plate Bites of Wisdom

To gain wisdom and knowledge about the world of food it’s important to understand the interconnectedness of eating to history, culture, politics, recipes (or not), new and well loved cookbooks, community action, thought leaders, and a multitude of stories in this case focusing on the African Diaspora. Take a look at the highlights featured below this week.

Culture Eats: Habits, Cooking, Networks & Business

A list compiled of the top 30 Black food bloggers to follow.

Known as ‘Pig Foot Mary,’ Lillian Harris found her niche in southern cooking in the early 1920’s of Harlem.

Toni Tipton-Martin uses her cooking skills and books to serve and uplift the black community.

A ​Memphis couple promote their vegan lifestyle and healthier living through their Speed Vegan food bus.

Rachel Laryea, a Ghanaian, founded Kelewele to highlight the diversity of food and the African diaspora. She shares some of her plantain based vegan dishes while promoting healthy eating in the African community.

A list of black owned restaurants to visit across the U.S.

The first black woman to be food editor of a major daily American newspaper has new modern cookbook inspired by black chefs and entrepreneurs.

Wonderful insight into the vegan culture and history in New York from the perspective of black entrepreneurs.

Meet Vanessa Braxton, owner of Black Momma Vodkas, who’s expanding into the tea and café business.

Community Gardens & Local Farms

A fourth generation black farmer continues to hold things together amid new obstacles that threaten their land and lifestyle.

Black farmer from South Carolina finding ways to inspire future generations to stay connected to their farmland.

Black owned farms giving low income communities access to healthier foods.

Kids from Minnesota promote healthy eating through a grow food rap video.

Young African American student gardener learns to adapt and sow the seeds of racial identity at Rice University.

Food Policy, Politics & Social Justice

Kansas Black Farmers Association meets with government officials to discuss land loss.

Leah Penniman and her Soul Fire Farm look to train the next generation of farmers and help end the food injustices in communities with people of color.

Malik Yakini, executive director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, believes it takes multiple solutions to address food issues and economic empowerment in the community.

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