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#2 Three Blessings - Peace Be Still Inspirations

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Three Blessings – Peace Be Still Inspirations aim to inspire learning and practice for healthy, creative and joyful living through postings on yoga, meditation and other wellness modalities. We, especially, hope the African Diaspora finds this a giving, peaceful space. Enjoy our second posting.

The best part of this article on trap yoga is the video of the author, Michael Harriot, doing a yoga session. (Cut and paste the link on your browser to get the full article.)

Benefits of yogic breathing or belly breathing are explained.

Another reason why self-care is so important in enhancing or mitigating the stressors that African American women face being ‘superwoman.’

African American participants on a vegan diet for 5 weeks in a small study showed decreases in heart disease and stroke risks.

No judgement. Whether you’re thick, big-boned, or heavy, the take away message here is self-care.

All-­female boxing gym in New York City is owned and operated by a Black woman.

Do African American women still have to put appearance before health? This article says ‘yes.’

Black women have a higher risk for developing breast cancer if they use permanent hair color and chemical straighteners. Social acceptance, appearance before health, it's a complicated issue for many women.

Meet Ashley Thompson, a YouTuber, yoga instructor and purveyor of wellness for Black women.

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