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#4 Three Blessings - Peace Be Still inspirations

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Three Blessings – Peace Be Still Inspirations aim to inspire learning and practice for healthy, creative and joyful living through postings on yoga, meditation and other wellness modalities. We, especially, hope the African Diaspora finds this a giving, peaceful space. Enjoy.

Excellent article, but I still love my singing bowls. The sound creates meditative moments for me after yoga practice and I never said they were Tibetan.

Julia and Cornelia Gibson, sisters and founders of Toned by BaggedEm, have created yoga mats featuring Black women practicing yoga to inspire them to seek a wellness journey.

Kajuan Douglas, owner/founder of Merge, is working to create an authentic, inclusive yoga and fitness studio/ wellness space in Manhattan.

Black Health Matters, a digital health and patient engagement firm, works with churches, fraternities, professional and masonic organizations, to engage African American men in health-focused conversations.

In February 2020, the Foundation for Black Women's Wellness made history in Madison, WI by opening the first health center for women of color to combat racial health disparities.

Meet Aaron Warrick, Greg Wilson, and Dante’ Wade, three graduates of Lincoln University, the first HBCU in the country, who worked together to create a mental health wellness app.

7 Black women freelancers share what it takes to protect their mental health in the gig economy

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