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#5 Three Blessings – Peace Be Still Inspirations

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Lately, I’ve been calling missives posted to my Grits & Gumbo group as meditations. They’re called that to maintain some sanity during these crazy, chaotic, upside down, disturbing times. My ‘meditations’ give me solace. They highlight what’s going on in my garden, what I’m growing, cooking and eating. They’re moments of inspiration to still my mind.

Yesterday, I picked squash blossoms from the garden. They were all male blossoms, which means I may not get squash; but that’s a thought not to dwell on for now. I washed and dried the blossoms out. And, this morning I sautéed them with chopped garlic and cilantro, also, from the garden. This inspirational, no recipe, concoction topped off a cheese omelet served with English muffin, turkey bacon, sliced avocado, and coffee. The only thing missing was not being able to sit outside and eat on the patio. Mother Nature blessed us with a drizzle of rain; just enough to add to my early morning watering.

Now, the sun is shining. There’s a slight breeze. And, I’ll be headed outside to bask in the glory of another day and sit quietly in the moment.

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