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#7 Fiber Art Threads of Gratitude

Fiber Art Threads of Gratitude express satisfying and joyful reminders of our connection to the Earth through the design of colorful weaving, quilting and other cultural artistic patterns that connect to our creative spirits.

This weekend has been full of moments of gratitude. Participation yesterday in a Craft-N-Chat via Zoom and co-hosted by my friend, Benita aka @justbeworks, was wonderful. I met several ladies that knitted, pieced African fabric to make pillows, crocheted, created gorgeous greeting cards, and crafted colorful paper beads into necklaces. They inspired me to work some more on my meditating yogini lady. Finished her face; a little bit to go on the bottom and I’ll be done.

Today, I biked to my favorite spot on the river. Took a route that led me past the Mississippi Welcome Center, River Boat, and City sign. Trying to gain my confidence on these rural highways and byways, but 18-wheelers and certain speed demons sometime still give me pause. Made it home grateful for the brisk Fall ride graced by setting my eyes on the water.

Finished out the morning with avocado toast and coffee. Made my avocado spread with a slice of red onion chopped, a few sprigs of cilantro picked quickly from the hoop house garden, lemon juice, and Slap Your Mama seasoning. Topped off with some orange slices, breakfast was complete. Remaining Sunday will be a day of rest.

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