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#7 Three Blessings – Peace Be Still Inspirations

Three Blessings – Peace Be Still Inspirations aim to inspire learning and practice for healthy, creative and joyful living through postings on yoga, meditation and other wellness modalities. We, especially, hope the African Diaspora finds this a giving, peaceful space.

During these challenging times we must continue to take care of ourselves. Remember, you can't take care of others, if you don't take care of yourself. The articles below are meant to help you on that path.

Tony Robinson writes about “10 Simple things you can do to get through hard times.”

When you don’t know what’s coming next during these challenging times, Dr. Broderick Sawyer highlights “4 coping tips for managing your anxiety in these uncertain times.”

Stop. Breathe slowly and deeply. Think about any one of these “10 quotes that will help you stay calm during hard times.”

In trying to keep peace of mind take to heart these “Lessons in finding happiness during hard times.”

Resistance to trauma comes in many forms. One form of nurturing the soul is “Why Black people are turning to gardening during difficult times.”

Protect your mental wellness and don’t hesitate to take care of yourself. Learn from Lydia Blanco’s article, “Black can crack: protect your mental health during the COVID-19 crisis.”

It’s all about taking care during these challenging times to put it mildly. Carmelle Ellison speaks on “Restorative steps for healing through racial trauma, systemic mis-attunement, and grief.”

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