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#8 Fiber Art Threads of Gratitude

Fiber Art Threads of Gratitude express satisfying and joyful reminders of our connection to the Earth through the design of colorful weaving, quilting and other cultural artistic patterns that connect to our creative spirits.

So grateful at this time because I finished my meditating yogini. Actually, finished the quilting on December 5, 2020.

The next day cut and sewed the border, adorned her with an earring, bracelets and waist beads, and laid her on kitchen table to admire my handwork throughout the week.

On December 12 hung her on bedroom wall using an old cane.

Since I’ve been working on my lady since August 2019, those dates are lovingly marked with gratitude. A creative expression encouraged by a Gee’s Bend Quilting Retreat weekend in Canton, MS. is done. It took a good while, but I love that I was able to create her with my own hands. Reminded of and grateful for lots of meditative moments thinking of my grandmother’s and mother’s hands in every stitch on my meditative yogini. Think I’ll call her Emma Ruth Ellen.

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