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A Month into the Garden

As we approach the end of May the garden is growing nicely. Cucumbers probably need higher staking, but flowers are blooming. I did a little cross pollinating with the zucchini, hoping that all these flowers will fruit soon. And even though one lavender plant was lost, probably due to all the rain, the rest of the herb bed is flourishing. Thyme, lemongrass, oregano, and remaining lavender spreading in their glory.

While there’ve been flowers, no fruit yet as the eggplant continue to grow alongside the radishes.  Sweet potato vines are spreading and hot pepper bed with jalapeno and Thai hot pepper should provide a nice crop.  In an empty bed, I finally took the bell pepper seedlings from the greenhouse and planted them. 

Moving onto in ground plantings, the cantaloupe is beginning to spread.  And the okra plants are getting some height.

Last but not least, the tomato plants look fabulous. While watering them, to my delight I spotted the first 3 orange cherry tomatoes for the season. Throughout the plants, little green tomatoes glistened in the morning light.

Sadly, with growth there can, also, be loss. Just outside my fenced in garden area I noticed a turtle nest that overnight had been pilfered by some critter. What’s circled in blue are turtle eggs that the critter dug up and sucked out. I’m always amazed by how far the turtles come from the water to bury their eggs, how deep the holes are, and still the critters find and feast on the eggs. Definitely evidence of a circle of life in my little ecosystem.

To end on a high note, all is well at Three Blessings Yoga Farm and Wellness Center.  Signing off with gratitude.

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