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Episode 10 – Table & Plate Project Delta Podcast

After several months’ hiatus, I returned to the Table & Plate Project Delta Podcast. It’s titled “Make a Pot of Beans” because that’s exactly what I did today. However before that, my day started with a morning phone call with a friend that brought me out of my funk over the craziness of this past Wednesday. Our conversation led to my yoga practice; meditation; reading several angel cards that highlighted friendship, balance, study, ideas & inspiration, and manifestation; writing in my journal; and another call with a friend.

I ran a couple of errands and came back home to make my pot of beans. I cleaned those beans the way my dad did; taking out the broken, ill-formed ones. Cooked them down so that cream formed just like Daddy’s recipe. When I tasted them, I almost slapped myself silly; they were so good.

Check the podcast out and let me know what you think. You can visit the website, TABLE & PLATE PROJECT DELTA PODCAST | ThirdWardZen, or go directly to Episode 10 - Make a Pot of Beans - YouTube.

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