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Episode 6 - Table & Plate Project Delta Podcast

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Today I was in a mood, thinking about am I doing enough with all that's happening regarding COVID-19, issues around social justice, food sovereignty, human rights, police reform, health care, housing, education, and on and on. When I get in these moods, I usually go silent and listen to my inner voice. I, also, read bits and pieces of favorite books. For this episode, I reflected on food memories of my father and read the chapter on him from my little book, Grits and Gumbo: Cooks in the Kitchen of My Life. Remembering those moments helped with my mood. I'm still in it, but I feel better having thought about that old man, my old man, from St. Sophie, Louisiana. Right now, I'm doing enough. I love having conversations about food and culture with folks in the Mississippi Delta.

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