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#3 Fiber Art Threads of Gratitude: Finished My Saori Weaving Piece

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Fiber Art Threads of Gratitude express satisfying and joyful reminders of our connection to the Earth through the design of colorful weaving, quilting and other cultural artistic patterns that connect to our creative spirits.

As I explained earlier Saori weaving is a craft with basically no rules. Your creative spirit guides your hands as you pick yarn, other elements, and work the loom. And my little extra is to embellish the piece with beads, shells, and other implements. For me, this is very freeing, peaceful, meditative in a sense.

The piece I started on January 25 is finished. To others it may look like a hot mess. To me it’s absolutely beautiful. I leave the edges raw. The embellishments have been added from the top to the bottom. I just have to find a place to hang it.

And in case you think I’m not on the case, the quilting project is ongoing. I slacked off a bit the last couple months of last year; too much on my plate. But with all the craziness going on, my fiber art work is truly a form of meditation and sitting at the quilting frame has become an evening ritual. I’m quilting circles by hand and it takes time and focus. Loving the peace it gives, grateful for the gift of a creative spirit, excited by what I’ve done so far. Will keep you posted.

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