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Gratefully, Peacefully, Wisely Stepped Out Of 2022 Into 2023

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Holding on to my little tradition, I continue to basically use the same title, except that instead of zooming and retiring, I’m stepping out of 2022 into 2023. Life continues to ebb and flow. There’ve been lots of highs and certainly some lows. I’m one year working as the Executive Director of the Institute for Food Policy and Development, better known as Food First, and have met some very interesting and powerful folks working in the food justice/sovereignty space. Work in the garden continued to nourish me in more ways than one. My yoga practice evolves as I age but sharing the practice with others in the community has become a priority. Last but not least, I honor and cherish my circle of family and friends as I journey through life.

With a December 31 birth date, the last day of the year is truly a full rotation of the life cycle around the sun for me. Like most years I’m beginning in full reflective mode, but this time around I have a full plate on my hands, and I need to figure out what’s most important to do for the coming year. For now, as usual, not a whole lot of words, just contemplation and reviewing the past year 2022 through moments of pictures.

January 2022












Peace, gratitude, and wisdom to everyone. All the best in 2023.

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