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October Beginnings

The 3 voices described back in August – gardener/wanna be a farmer voice, the creative expression voice, and the spiritual/meditative/wanna be with nature voice – were beautifully captured in video by my son, Jeremy Harris, the latter half of September. The videos he shot at Three Blessings Yoga Farm and Wellness Center can be found at 3BlessingsYogaFarm & WellnessCenter - YouTube. So very grateful for his help and creative eye. So very grateful for how September ended.

With that spirit, October begins abundantly. A burst of energy propelled me into the garden this morning. Seeds of spinach and kale and bulbs of onion were planted in the raised beds. Iris, daffodil, and lily bulbs were planted throughout the flower beds. Papyrus thought to be lost from last winter’s cold is rebounding. And I continue to marvel at the zinnia growing on the ground at the foot of the pots where they died from heat this summer.

Before leaving the garden, finally cleared away the cantaloupe vines. Left one small vine because it still had flowers. Just couldn’t bear to pull it up. Then turned to sweet potatoes gone wild. On this first day of October, the harvest was grand in both sides of the raised bed. Had to sit a spell to gaze at what these hands have grown.

Rested a few long minutes. That burst of energy was now exhilarating fatigue. Hands and feet were dirty. Took a look out at the row of strawberry plants that still thrive with yoga pavilion in the background.

Even though the tree that provided them shade was felled by a storm back in June, I still feel the presence of my ancestors watching over me and the land.

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