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Table & Plate Project Delta Podcast Launching

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Yesterday was the UN International Day of Happiness and Thursday, March 19, was the spring equinox. I missed both because of the overwhelming, consuming COVID-19 reality. Working from home, I want to be safe and healthy. But I, also, want to be happy and free from anxiety and fear. Last month, I started a podcast, but was reluctant to officially launch it with all that’s going on. I thought it’s not serious enough, not professional or profound enough, not techno savvy enough. Goodness, I’ve come up with all kinds of reasons for not launching. Today, I’m over all that crap.

Today is the official launching of the Table & Plate Project Delta Podcast. I'll be having conversations on food and culture with folks in the MS Delta. For Third Ward Zen, it’s another way to build community through peace, wisdom, and gratitude. This podcast journey, every other Saturday or so, will make me happy and I hope it’ll do the same for you. Come share some time with a not so techie, 60+ sassy yogini diva just trying to live life in full color. Join me at

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