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Three Blessings

 yoga & Wellness


inspires learning and practice for healthy, creative and joyful living.  

We nurture your citta, kaaya, and bhaava (mind, body, spirit) through Yoga/Wellness,

Thai Yoga Massage, and growing our own food.

Three Blessings Yoga Farm and Wellness Center

Gentle Yoga Classes
Taught by an experienced and certified Jivana Yoga Instructor and Coach, Dr. Ellen Harris leads gentle yoga and wellness classes.  Her yoga classes are less intense than other yoga forms and puts far less stress on the body, which is ideal for people interested in movement, rehabilitating after an injury, or simply maintaining a more mindful, gentle practice.  Her wellness classes focus on enhancing general well-being and finding your zen.  She incorporates yoga, other wellness modalities, food, and art into these classes.
Ellen also includes meditation, brief inspirational readings and yogic breathing in her classes.  The
intent is to lead you towards more meditative, contemplative moments to nurture mind, body, and spirit.  
Yoga & Wellness Classes (In-person classes are temporarily suspended)
Thai Yoga
Yoga Retreats
Ellen created a series of Yoga Retreats for the Third Ward Zen community network in 2015, in celebration of 5 years of breast cancer survival. There have been 1/2 day retreats (mini-get-aways) offered with morning mediation, gentle yoga, healthful eating demo/lunch, restorative therapies, and mindful closing. Highly memorable retreats also included full weekends for groups of women to refresh and rejuvenate. 
In 2018 Ellen took a hiatus from conducting retreats and began teaching Gentle Yoga at work once a week—  interchanging with a colleague who conducted Guided Meditation. 
During this time period, Ellen also purchased a property that she is currently developing into Three Blessings Yoga Farm & Wellness Center.
It is scheduled to open in 2021 and will be a special place for wellness retreats in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. 
Ellen Yogi.jpg
Yoga Retreats

Restorative Yin Yoga (ended October 2019)

saturday mornings  •  10:30 - 11:30 a.m.                   

hodding carter memorial ymca

greenville, ms

Offered by Appointment
Thai Yoga Massage combines yoga, Ayurveda (an ancient, natural healing system) and meditation.  It’s done mostly on a large floor mat in loose, comfortable clothes.  A practitioner uses rhythmic motion, hand palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines, gentle stretching, and breathing to create a calming, healing, relaxing massage experience.  Ellen is a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner who performs her sessions with a spirit and touch of compassion, harmony, peace, gratitude and wisdom.
Thai Yoga Massage 
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