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Welcome to our collection of publications that keep our growing community connected to mind, body, spirit and nature as we explore an

ongoing cultural and culinary adventure throughout the African Diaspora!

Publications feature books and journals to inspire wellness, culture, gardening and culinary adventures.

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52 Inspirations to Achieve Purposeful Living, A Timeless Weekly Practice represents the third piece of the 52 Inspirations series.

It is divided by 12 months with weekly quotes originally written by the author and presented in the previous journals. Each quote is accompanied by what the author calls living your purpose advice from me that hopefully inspires you throughout the year. As an extra, a favorite recipe is included followed by space for Notes to Self for each month.


This little book is not a journal but is meant to simply support readers during moments of contemplation, meditation, or stillness.

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GRITS & GUMBO... Cooks in the Kitchen of My Life profiles family and friends who have nurtured and inspired author Ellen Williams Harris through food and spirit.  Her ultimate objective was to illustrate how African American eating habits are not monolithic.


This unique and beautiful memoir features African American profiles of friends and family; their food tastes, preferences, experiences and gorgeous pictures of prepared meals.

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Journaling: the mindful activity
for achieving & maintaining your zen
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Making Notes:
creating zen inspired connections

Zen Inspired Note Cards -  Assorted Note Cards and Envelopes

3WZ published a photographic series of blank note cards entitled, "PORTALS: Zen Inspired Note Cards."  There are 15 different and absolutely striking color photos of architectural portals from around the world that show various window and door openings. Each photographic card front is itself a metaphor; representing an opportunity to reach out and through. The cards are a means of connecting and communicating our thoughts and feelings— whether the cards are written in and sent, or are given as a gift set. There's always a sense of shared joy in surprising others with a beautiful card containing a thoughtful handwritten message.

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