Cookbook Club Sunday Dinner

"Eating together from the same bowl establishes a communion, a pact of peace among individuals."  - Dr. Raymond Johnson 

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(Photo: The Peul nomadic tribe's festival meal; Burkina Fasu.)

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The Cookbook Club Sunday Dinner brings together people who like to cook and want to explore foods of the African Diaspora.

We are interested in how communities grow, harvest, and share food.  For each Sunday Dinner we have a host, pick a theme, select a cookbook, choose recipes, and hold a conversation while we share a meal of the prepared dishes. We are also flexible with those who rarely use cookbooks, follow family recipes or draw from web-based sources. Either way you prepare the dish and bring it to the dinner to share.

After your dinner we'd love for you to send pictures of your event with a short summary that captures your location (city/state), how many participated, your theme, and conversation highlights.

Ready to join our Cookbook Club community?

Choose a favorite cookbook or collection of recipes.  Then click on the skillet in the "Dinner Date" calendar to send us an email with your name, the date you've chosen, the city you're in and anything else about the cookbook, recipes and menu you'd like to share with your new Sunday Dinner Cookbook Club community!

We're excited for you and other fellow lovers of the African Diaspora joining us on this cultural exploration of glorious dinners, exquisite tastes and new friends.*  

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*In-person attendance at a local Cookbook Club event is made by personal invitation only from the Sunday Dinner's host.