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What We Do

What We Do

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Our community work involves several expressions to better explore the spirit

and joy we have with food, wellness, and movement. 


Each expression is its own journey into a world that values community

by highlighting culture, mindful movement, wellness, growing food,

cooking, community action, and more.

To support community and wellness in the Mississippi Delta and beyond, Third Ward Zen promotes mindfulness, movement, healthy eating, growing your own food,
and other wellness modalities. 

We do this to foster gratitude, peace and wisdom
in the community.


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Ramping up ~ Our ~ Outreach ~ Toward promoting ~ Self-care in the MS Delta

Every year 3WZ creates a very special outdoor festival event that transforms health and wellness in the Delta through movement, mindfulness, music, food, culture, and fun.

Public and private enterprises are invited to sponsor the festival, and local wellness practitioners, vendors, musicians, dancers and artisans who specifically cater to the community's health, wellness and culture are welcomed to participate. 

Please click on the Delta Roots Festival images, or use the link here to read about all of the Festival's activities and benefits to the community.

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Publications feature books and journals to inspire wellness, culture, gardening and culinary adventures.


Created and produced by 3WZ, each publication is uniquely ours and available for purchase from our on-line Gift Shop.   

Please click on any of the publication images, or use the link here to be taken to the Publications page. 

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The Cookbook Club Sunday Dinner brings together people who like to cook and want to explore foods of the African Diaspora.  

The Cookbook Club Sunday Dinner provides an opportunity to meet other fellow lovers of the African Diaspora who join the quarterly gatherings on-line (or in-person at the hosts' home). This cultural exploration of glorious dinners, exquisite tastes, and a group of brand new friends are what makes this 3WZ project uniquely ours. 

To learn more, or to participate in an up-coming Sunday Dinner, please click on the Cookbook Club's logo or link here.

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The TABLE & PLATE PROJECT DELTA Podcast cultivates and promotes growing your own food to nurture healthful eating and wellness in the community. 

Produced and published by 3WZ, the podcast's audio engagement serves to reach audiences in and around the Mississippi Delta (and beyond!) with exciting guest interviews that draw on a shared African American cultural interest in local farming, growing our own food, harvesting, family stories about recipes and food traditions, and increasing our community's overall wellness.  

To listen to the Podcast and any of the archived interviews, please click on the Podcast logo or use the link here.

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