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Welcome to the Vault
(A little humor goes a long way lately....)

Seriously... these early Podcasts are valuable! The first dozen were a blast to make and I hope you enjoy (re) listening to them as much as I enjoyed recording them. 


FYI: Go to the current Podcast page by clicking here.

archived podcasts

Episode 2: Essie Paterson;Row crop farmer, widow, mother, grandmother
  • YouTube
Episode 3: Cassandra Atley;Woman of faith, wife, mother, educator, group fitness instructor
  • YouTube

Episode 4: A Little Bit About My

Mama & Pandemic Living

  • YouTube
Episode 5: Chris Johnson; Passionate farmer, father, and teacher to others on how to farm
  • YouTube
Episode 6: Food Memories of My Father
  • YouTube

Inspiration & Feedback

I'm always interested in sharing fresh ideas on this podcast and hope to bring the awesome people connections and things I'm making here in the Delta focused on farming the land, gardening, enjoying nature, cooking, our culture and all things really good to a broader audience. That said, I truly welcome your feedback and inspiration. Please feel free to reach out to me via email by using the Contact Page when time permits. Namaste. 

- Ellen Williams Harris,

Founder and Executive Director, Third Ward Zen  

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