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Cooks in the Kitchen of My Life began as a beautiful photo memoir book commemorating food, family, and friends, but in a very short period of time, Grits & Gumbo has grown into a phenomenal community.

Grits & Gumbo profiles family and friends who have nurtured and inspired author Ellen Williams Harris through food and spirit.  Her ultimate objective was to illustrate how African American eating habits are not monolithic.
The book began with interviews using a set of specific questions, but each friend profiled made the conversation their own.  Each opened their kitchen to allowing Mrs. Williams Harris and her professional photographer to take fantastic photographs of food as displays, in preparation, and as completed meals.  And a special, totally unplanned bonus was sitting down with her friends at their various, and beautifully set tables to enjoy what had been prepared.
"We are a people borne out of the African Diaspora and we come to our tables with a multitude of tastes, preferences, and experiences. What better way to capture this than through the words of different people and beautiful photographs?" 
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Printed and published in the United States, the dimensions of the Grits & Gumbo book are 9"x9" with a perfect bound, gloss laminate cover.  The 92-pages of stories and full color photographs are printed on high quality, magazine paper.  The book is available for secure purchase through PayPal and ships promptly (to domestic locations only) via USPS. Regretfully, we are not able to ship outside of the USA.   

Plus Shipping & Handling: $4.00
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