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2nd Three Blessings Community Wellness Pop-up

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Last week ended on a high note. I held the 2nd Three Blessings Community Wellness Pop-up this year on October 5 with three beautiful women, who match my personal rhythm. What do I mean by that? We all want to create community around healthy mind, body and spirit. Each of us comes at it differently, but our sensibilities are in sync. As a result, we held a half day event that featured sessions on restorative yin yoga, Zumba fitness, using herbs and spices, juicing and food demonstrations, and poetry reading. We concluded with a healthful lunch and community talk where participants gave us feedback on what they thought of the event; its format, their personal experiences, and possible future events.

The group was small, but I was most impressed by the participants. There were 6 women and three men; including a college student, a high school nurse, and two truck drivers. To have men participate in a wellness event was very special. One of the men even said he couldn’t go to the homecoming game later in the day and act ratchet ‘cause “I want to keep my zen on.” Everyone burst out laughing.

The two high school students that came to read poetry on health and wellness (and meet community service hours) stayed for lunch and participated in the community talk. They stressed the importance of including youth in the Pop-up. Overall, everyone enjoyed learning how to breathe, move, use spices and herbs, and actually see how foods could be prepared in a healthful way. They’d like to see us do more events, hold them at different locations, reach out to people with mobility issues, and charge a registration fee. Ending the Three Blessings Community Wellness Pop-up with their thoughts left me with a full heart; peaceful and grateful with how we are beginning to build community.

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