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Transitions into Spring

Closed out March with some travel. Bid farewell to a brother-in-law, who passed away in Dover, DE. Visited with my older sister and family in New York. Even squeezed in a bit of time to see a quilt show of Elizabeth Talford Scott’s work at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Attended the “Understanding, Measuring, and Addressing Racism in the Food System:  Applying an Anti-Racist Praxis to Improve Community Resilience and Well-Being” at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Hosted by S Mpact Consulting and the Nutrition Liberation, Food Sovereignty and Justice Laboratory at Cornell University, the meeting brought together community organizers, policymakers, funders, advocates and researchers to discuss strategies to address racial and food justice based on expertise/lived experiences. Appreciated Dr. Angela Odoms-Young for inviting me. And it was great to see Drs. Wendy Johnson and April Stull.

Visit to St. Louis was nostalgic because I got to spend the weekend with two college friends who’ve been married for over 40 years, celebrate the 50th anniversary of two other college friends and see some folks that I hadn’t seen since college. Before the anniversary celebration found time to visit the Gateway Arch ( and the Missouri Botanical Garden (

Greeted the month of April with lots and lots of rain from Mother Earth and a total eclipse. With all the rain, no sighting from my neck of the woods, of the eclipse but definitely experienced the awe of dusk-like shadowing of mid-day light that noticeably appeared and disappeared before my very eyes.

Over the past weekend shouted and hollered with joy at the 8th Annual Greenville Heritage Rodeo. Highlights captured in

Can't wait for the ground to dry so that I can get outside to clean, plant, and prepare for summer garden. Peace and blessings, everyone.

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