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#4 Table & Plate Bites of Wisdom

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

To gain wisdom and knowledge about the world of food it’s important to understand the interconnectedness of eating to history, culture, politics, recipes (or not), new and well loved cookbooks, community action, thought leaders, and a multitude of stories in this case focusing on the African Diaspora. For February, I prepared one of my cook what you got meals; this time roasted Brussel sprouts and small potatoes on a bed of quinoa with apple, raisins and shredded carrot. February highlights are featured below with a picture of my meal. Enjoy.

Community Gardens & Local Farms

The Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-Op (BUGs) organizes black urban agriculturalists. The group works with local black communities to grow food and to share black cultural traditions.

Black Girls with Gardens is a digital resource for women of color to find support, inspiration, education, and representation in gardening.

The Black gardeners Facebook group calls themselves “Just a bunch of nerds with seeds.”

Food Policy, Politics & Social Justice

Why would a university need a food bank? Learn why from this piece on the Bowie State Nutrition Lounge starting this spring.

A Memphis food bank is named after its first and only African American president and CEO.

Culture Eats: Habits, Cooking, Networks and Business

On March 8 -14, check out the Memphis Black Restaurant Week if you’re in the neighborhood.

Meet David Cabello, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, who created Black and Mobile, an online food delivery service that delivers exclusively for Black-owned restaurants.

My mother could have been included in the compilation of some African American cooks you may not know about.

To tap into Black-owned bars in Philadelphia Medina Oyefusi created a Black History Month bar crawl.

What an interesting idea! Patrick Coleman, owner of Beans and Cornbread, a popular Detroit soul food restaurant packaged lunch in a shoebox.

Bry Reed found support and solace with other college friends by preparing family dinners together.

Klancy Miller, a chef-turned-writer, is creating For The Culture, a publication she plans to publish twice-a-year with articles written/photographed/illustrated by Black women about Black women in food and wine.

Five new Black-owned restaurants to check out on H Street, NE in Washington, DC.

Six black-owned restaurants featured as serving some of Florida’s best vegan food.

Chef Marchus Samuelsson shines a spotlight on Houston’s West African food culture through his PBS show, “No Passport Required.”

Ida B’s Table, a restaurant in Baltimore named after the 19th century civil rights advocate, Ida B. Wells, features good food and history.

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