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A Month of Celebration and Reflection

Whatever you call it – born day, earth strong day, rotation around the sun, birthday – so very grateful to have celebrated my 70th in Jamaica and West Africa (Ghana, Togo, Benin). In this post, the first half of the celebration is shared. Videos of trip to the Motherland will be shared later.

Landed in Negril, Jamaica on December 28 and before the sun set, I had my feet up taking the beauty of the beach and water all in.

First of many nice dinners shared with friends.

A group trip to Mayfield Falls was a rugged trek down the hill, through the water, and back up the hill but an amazing highlight for a group of us; healing clay bath and all.

Started my birthday with a sun rise walk. Noticed several words of wisdom along the way.

One great thing about a December 31 born day, you get to celebrate the day and then new year all in one with friends.

And three days later on a morning walk, you get to see someone walking their goats down the sidewalk.

You, also, step out of your usual self, be bold, and go parasailing.

A boat ride down the Negril River to see the sunrise was one for the books as well.

Last excursion into the mountains (or hills) to visit Jamaica Giants was bumpy and hot, but so very rewarding. You get to see beautiful garden sculptures carved by local Rastafarian artists surrounded by amazing plants and trees.

Afterwards, we ate the best meal ever at a local spot and shame on me I forgot to write the name down.

And on my last full day I languished on the beach, grateful that I could celebrate a 70th rotation around the sun in Jamaica and danced my way into the sunset.

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