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New Garden Beginning

Got over being sad that I'd lost everything in the greenhouse after big ice freeze in January. Welcome to a new garden beginning at 3 Blessings Yoga Farm and Wellness Center.

Started seeds April 12 for Clemson okra, lemon and straight cucumbers, mixed colored bell peppers, Paul Robeson tomato variety brought back from Baltimore Art Museum, and cantaloupe from last season. Around that time also started some sweet potato slips from last season's potatoes. Afterward spent a couple of days cleaning raised beds and garden ground areas. Darn cockleburs everywhere. At the same time planted some phlox, coneflowers, rosemary and saxifrage in flower beds.

Amazed by how fast seedlings grew. Along the way, I was also surprised and happy to have been able to pick a few strawberries from time to time. This year some critter has been pecking at almost everyone. By April 25, planted seedlings, sweet potato slips, and purchased plants, except for bell peppers and okra. They haven't sprouted yet. Netted everything in raised beds hoping to keep out critters. A video of new garden season beginning is captured on

This part of the work is done. Peace, everyone.

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