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October Ending, November Beginning

As I approach my 70th rotation around the sun at the end of the year, I acknowledge all of me. My strengths and challenges are embraced. The Cuney Homes, Third Ward, Houston, TX, in me cuts through BS in a minute and doesn't believe I need to prove anything to anyone. I'm striving to live a good life, be creative, grow my own food, contribute to my community and share yogic living with others.

Several videos with help from my son have been uploaded onto the Three Blessings Yoga Farm and Wellness Center YouTube channel.

52 Inspirations to Achieve Purposeful Living - A Timeless Weekly Practice was published and is available as a single gift or in various gift bundles through the Third Ward Zen gift shop.

My greenhouse was finished towards the end of October. A few personal elements have been added. Beet, green onion, tomato, marigold and radish seeds have been sown. Radishes already are germinating. Spinach and kale plants that weren’t doing well in raised beds have been potted and appear to like their new location.

My maternal grandmother sewed and quilted, and my mother embroidered. Years ago, I sewed a lot. As I age weaving and art quilting lift my spirit and give me peace. After joining the Delta Artists Association (DAA), I submitted 3 pieces from my Yogini Series to the Annual DAA Member Exhibit; my very first ever art exhibit. On November 3 to my utter surprise, I won Best of Show for the ‘Meditating Yogini’ piece. I’m thrilled and encouraged to carry on.

While the horrors of the world are numbing – 6.9 million people displaced by conflict in Congo, death and destruction caused by apartheid practices in Israel and Palestine, devastating earthquakes in Afghanistan and Nepal, growing gang violence devastating the lives of Haitian people, growing humanitarian crises at the US southern border, a spike in US child poverty – my humanity is marked by doing the best I can.

October ended and November begins. Again, as I approach 70 solar rotations, I do so with humility, kindness, wisdom, peace, gratitude, and grace.

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