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Releasing 2023; Wisely, Peacefully and Gratefully Entering 2024

Continue to carry on my little tradition of basically using the same title, except for two switch ups. I’m closing out the year with this post tradition rather than starting the new year with it. The next few days will be filled with born day and living life in full color celebrations. Those activities are why I re-ordered my mantra words. Instead of “gratefully, peacefully, wisely,” I’m saying “wisely, peacefully and gratefully.”


I end the year reflecting on the many lessons learned; thus, leading off with the “wisely” mantra. My homeplace with all its environmental, political, cultural aesthetic quirks gives me peace, the middle mantra. Last but not least as I approach my 70th rotation around the sun at the closing of the year, I do so “gratefully.” I appreciate family, friends, community and time spent throughout the year with them all. I’m grateful for efforts to soften spirit during this third act of my living, while accepting the harshness, unforgiving realities of this world which helps me to not walk naively through it; thus, I completed a concealed carry class and received my permit this month. Wow, that’s probably a long run on sentence but what the hell. This is all me.


On this December 24th day of 2023, I woke up to see the winter of my flower garden. I’ll end this post with those pictures. However challenging, my living kindness prayer is that wisdom, peace, and gratitude prevail for us all. Blessings this holiday season and upcoming new year 2024.

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