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Virtual Cookbook Club Sunday Dinner #2

Today’s second virtual Cookbook Club Sunday Dinner,, hosted by Third Ward Zen,, and Dee Dee’s Kitchen,, was like an old homecoming event. We were a group based in Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, and Virginia. Our Zoom call included Dianna, Clarence, Patsy, Patricia, Dayna, Wade, Deirdra, and Ellen.

This time our centerpiece ‘meal’ was all about soups, stews, and casseroles. A short meditation honored family and friends. We angled our cameras to show each other's meal. In Florida, Deirdra prepared a chicken stew with potatoes and green beans dedicated to her Aunt Bet and shared with Dayna and Wade. In Virginia, Dianna and Clarence shared a cookbook recipe for Provencal Fish Soup with Pasta; paired it with a salad of peaches, dates and arugula; homemade vinaigrette, bread, and wine. In Maryland, Patsy and Patricia prepared a spicy lentil soup and salad with fixin's, respectively.

My meal in Mississippi was dedicated to the last pickings from my summer garden. I prepared an okra stew with the last of my tomatoes, bell pepper, jalapeno, kale and okra combined with potatoes, carrot, and seasoning to taste. The stew was served with fried catfish and a fruit salad of grapefruit and kiwi.

Then we talked for over an hour about how we celebrate spirit, and where we find comfort and strength, especially during these challenging times. Parting words included “you are what you eat” and “our time together was so wonderful and therapeutic.” Today's Cookbook Club Sunday Dinner ended with each of us sending virtual hugs!

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