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Highs and Lows of Garden Life

After a week away, I arrived home late Thursday night knowing that my heart would probably sink a bit the next morning. I’d been forewarned that the young man I’d paid to water my garden hadn’t fulfilled his responsibility. Sure, enough, my beautiful zinnias in pots were fried by the heat. Worst of all the cantaloupe and watermelon had been devoured by critters. I’d asked the young man to pick them and give them away, if he didn’t want them. Not only had he not watered or picked the ripe fruit, but he’d also left the evidence in full view. In the midst of me mentally cussing him the hell out, I wanted to cry over the wasted food.

But through the mental tears, globs of sweat, 80+ degree heat at 8:56am, I picked large okra pods, 3 yellow cherry tomatoes, some jalapeños and lots of Thai hot peppers. Zucchini and the Ichiban eggplant were still growing. There was even one cucumber hanging on even though I’d cleaned out the spent cucumber plants before leaving on my trip.

Leaving the garden, the sweet potato vines gone wild were calling to me. By this time, it was just too damned hot. Dripping with sweat, I went into the house smiling. To my amazed sweat clouded eyes, a papyrus plant that I thought was dead was sprouting new shoots.

Friday evening, I went out to water the garden. I discovered a Zucchini ready for picking and a few more tomatoes and jalapeños. And to my delight, I pulled up the chair in the garden and began to dig for sweet potatoes. Late afternoon sweat is just as unyielding as the morning, but I was satisfied with a basketful harvest knowing there’s more to come. That evening as I put up my feet and Emi rested on one of her favorite spots, I reflected on the highs and lows of garden life.

This Sunday morning an early garden watering caused my heart to smile. All is not lost. A baby cantaloupe was spotted. Zucchini blossoms were wide open, and a couple of squash were growing. Best of all my little harvest included 2 Zucchini, lots of okra, 3 yellow cherry tomatoes, and bunches of Thai hot pepper.

At this ending of July, I’m left with the thought of Alexander Pope’s hope springs eternal… My garden is still growing. Have a good one, everyone.

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C Atley
C Atley

Thankful for the highs...I enjoyed reading. In the midst of the not so nice, we can still find some very nice.😊 You have captured it in such a meaningful way.

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